Tate & Lyle

Creating volume

To create the hundreds of quality ingredients our customers want, we begin by processing large volumes of raw materials from which we create basic products that are either sold on or used as the starting point for developing speciality ingredients and branded goods. Creating this volume and operating large-scale, efficient plants, allows us to keep unit costs low across the business.

We operate more than 45 production facilities mainly in the Americas, Europe and South East Asia. Tate & Lyle is the largest cane sugar refiner in Europe, and in the USA, our corn wet milling plants process some 2% of the annual corn crop.

Manufacturing efficiency

Operating our plants safely and efficiently at high volumes requires reliable and up-to-date manufacturing processes. All our divisions have highly qualified teams of engineers who make sure our plants function effectively, efficiently and safely. The engineers are actively involved in the manufacturing line and use a number of computer-based process tools to track and model data to help identify opportunities for efficiency improvements such as increasing yields, minimising waste and saving energy.

Our US corn wet milling and sucralose businesses both have pilot plants run by dedicated teams which are used to identify ways to make our manufacturing processes more efficient. Process improvements identified at our sucralose pilot plant over the last 12 months have enabled us to achieve a breakthrough in manufacturing yields.

Developing new technologies

Our research and technology teams are dedicated to developing the latest engineering technologies, both for our existing plants and for new builds. Tate & Lyle has developed patented, proprietary technology, known as CORNBELT®, which has been installed at our Loudon, Tennessee, plant. This is designed to help increase starch yields while at the same time reducing per unit energy consumption. Its energy conservation technology is also being used at our cane sugar refinery in London. The refinery’s new £20 million biomass boiler was mechanically complete in March 2009 and is now being commissioned. Once it is fully operational, the biomass boiler will reduce the refinery’s carbon footprint by more than 20%, and replace 70% of its fossil fuel use with a renewable energy source.

Our Sugars business also has a specialist team, Tate & Lyle Process Technology, which provides support services, process engineering and design expertise to the sugar cane industry worldwide.

Protecting our expertise

To support our businesses and protect our competitive advantage, we maintain a significant number of patents. Much of the product innovation and development work we do results in patentable or proprietary new technology. We monitor market developments closely to identify any potential violations of our patents and intellectual property and take appropriate legal action where we consider it necessary.

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01/02. Well-positioned plants

Our four large corn wet mills in the USA (with a fifth in Fort Dodge, Iowa, under construction) and our corn wet mills in and around Europe are strategically located either in prime corn growing areas or near key markets to help us serve our customers.

Corn wet mills