Tate & Lyle

What we do

Find out how we make our ingredients, which markets we operate in and how we serve our customers.

Sustainable sourcing

Ensuring we have a long-term, reliable supply of corn and cane sugar for our plants is essential. This involves developing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with growers, farmers and other commercial partners to secure supply; understanding commodity markets; and hedging costs where feasible.

Creating volume

To create the hundreds of quality ingredients our customers want, we begin by processing large volumes of raw materials from which we create basic products that are either sold on or used as the starting point for developing speciality ingredients and branded goods. Creating this volume and operating large-scale, efficient plants, allows us to keep unit costs low across the business.

Preserving value

Generating optimal returns from large-scale commodity manufacturing requires firm cost and risk control. This involves careful management of any commodity exposure; negotiating the right price for our ingredients; and providing our customers with quality products, within specification, on time, every time.

Adding value

Rapidly changing lifestyles are causing consumers to demand more from the products they buy – be they good food on-the-go or natural cosmetics. Our expertise in carbohydrate processing and blending, specialist R&D knowledge and insights into the market help us develop ingredients that add taste, nutrition and increased functionality to our customers’ products.

Going to market

We provide customers in four key markets with quality services and ingredients made from corn or cane sugar, which impart functionality that is vital for our customers’ products. Generating returns and growing our business requires carefully managing the product mix. This involves maintaining a high-volume, low-cost commodity base to help produce our higher margin, value added ingredients and services.


Running a diverse business like Tate & Lyle, which develops, manufactures and sells a wide variety of products and services to customers in different markets across the world, relies on a team of highly skilled, motivated people from a wide range of disciplines.

External environment and risk management

Every business needs to be responsive to its competitive and regulatory environments. Understanding the issues that could have an impact on our business is vital for good risk management and long-term commercial success.

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