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Overview of the year

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Performance highlights (PDF 326KB)
Group at a glance (PDF 329KB)
Chairman’s statement (PDF 260KB)
Chief Executive’s review (PDF 357KB)

What we do

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Overview (PDF 442KB)
Sustainable sourcing (PDF 199KB)
Creating volume (PDF 391KB)
Preserving value (PDF 149KB)
Adding value (PDF 251KB)
Going to market (PDF 375KB)
People (PDF 211KB)
External environment and risk management (PDF 225KB)

How we performed

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Group financial results (PDF 405KB)
Divisional performance (PDF 170KB)
Food & Industrial Ingredients, Americas (PDF 347KB)
Food & Industrial Ingredients, Europe (PDF 377KB)
Sugars (PDF 353KB)
Sucralose (PDF 345KB)
Other financial information (PDF 254KB)

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How we run the business

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Board of directors (PDF 191KB)
Executive management (PDF 135KB)
Corporate governance (PDF 320KB)
Corporate social responsibility (PDF 688KB)

Statutory information

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Directors’ report (PDF 241KB)
Directors’ remuneration report (PDF 508KB)

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Group financial statements

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Independent Auditors’ Report to the Members of Tate & Lyle PLC:
Group financial statements
(PDF 151KB)
Consolidated income statement (PDF 97KB) Excel (xls 29KB)
Consolidated statement of recognised
income and expense
(PDF 94KB) Excel (xls 19KB)
Consolidated balance sheet (PDF 124KB) Excel (xls 30KB)
Consolidated cash flow statement (PDF 98KB) Excel (xls 24KB)

Notes to the consolidated financial statements

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1 Presentation of financial statements (PDF 149KB)
2 Group accounting policies (PDF 193KB)
3 Critical accounting estimates and judgements (PDF 111KB)
4 Segment information (PDF 124KB)
5 Sales from continuing operations (PDF 96KB)
6 Operating profit (PDF 85KB)
7 Auditors’ remuneration (PDF 134KB)
8 Exceptional items (PDF 98KB)
9 Staff costs (PDF 98KB)
10 Finance income and finance expense (PDF 133KB)
11 Income tax expense (PDF 147KB)
12 Discontinued operations (PDF 168KB)
13 Earnings per share (PDF 97KB)
14 Dividends (PDF 97KB)
15 Goodwill and intangible assets (PDF 111KB)
16 Property, plant and equipment (PDF 147KB)
17 Investments in associates and joint ventures (PDF 166KB)
18 Available-for-sale financial assets (PDF 96KB)
19 Financial instruments by category (PDF 97KB)
20 Derivative financial instruments (PDF 167KB)
21 Financial risk factors (PDF 225KB)
22 Inventories (PDF 97KB)
23 Trade and other receivables (PDF 110KB)
24 Share capital and share premium (PDF 134KB)
25 Consolidated statement of changes in shareholders’ equity (PDF 97KB)
26 Other reserves (PDF 97KB)
27 Share-based payments (PDF 112KB)
28 Trade and other payables (PDF 97KB)
29 Borrowings (PDF 124KB)
30 Deferred tax (PDF 111KB)
31 Retirement benefit obligations (PDF 137KB)
32 Provisions for other liabilities and charges (PDF 98KB)
33 Change in working capital (PDF 98KB)
34 Cash and cash equivalents (PDF 96KB)
35 Net debt (PDF 123KB)
36 Contingent liabilities (PDF 111KB)
37 Commitments (PDF 111KB)
38 Acquisitions and disposals (PDF 181KB)
39 Post balance sheet events (PDF 146KB)
40 Related party disclosures (PDF 96KB)
41 Foreign exchange rates (PDF 137KB)
42 Main subsidiaries and investments (PDF 164KB)
43 Reconciliation to adjusted information (PDF 98KB)

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Parent company financial statements

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Independent Auditors’ Report to the Members of Tate & Lyle PLC: parent company financial statements (PDF 186KB)
Parent company balance sheet (PDF 123KB) Excel (xls 22KB)

Notes to the parent company financial statements

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1 Parent company accounting policies (PDF 138KB)
2 Tangible fixed assets (PDF 96KB)
3 Investments in subsidiary undertakings (PDF 96KB)
4 Investment in associates (PDF 96KB)
5 Debtors (PDF 96KB)
6 Creditors – due within one year (PDF 134KB)
7 Creditors – due after more than one year (PDF 134KB)
8 Deferred tax (PDF 134KB)
9 Provisions for liabilities and charges (PDF 134KB)
10 Contingent liabilities (PDF 134KB)
11 Financial commitments (PDF 96KB)
12 Called up share capital (PDF 96KB)
13 Reconciliation of movements in shareholders’ funds (PDF 97KB)
14 Related parties (PDF 130KB)
15 Profit and loss account disclosures (PDF 130KB)
16 Dividends (PDF 130KB)
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Ten-year review (non-statutory) (PDF 113KB)
Information for investors (non-statutory) (PDF 180KB)

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Annual Report and Accounts 2009

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Download full colour version (PDF 6MB)

Summary Financial Report 2009

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Download full colour version (PDF 1.2MB)

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