Tate & Lyle

Group at a glance

Through our four divisions based largely in the Americas, Europe and South East Asia, Tate & Lyle makes quality ingredients for customers all over the world in the food and beverage, industrial, pharmaceutical and animal feed markets.

  • Large-scale corn processor with plants centred in the US corn belt or near key markets
  • Produces a range of ingredients including starches (food and industrial), sweeteners, proteins, acidulants, biogums and ethanol, and provides speciality blending services
  • Employees at 31 March 2009: 2,513

to sales



10 USA2, 1 Mexico,
2 South America

Contribution to
adjusted operating profit1


Blending facilities

2 USA, 1 Mexico

1 For year ended 31 March 2009 and excluding central costs.
2 Including Fort Dodge, Iowa under construction.