Tate & Lyle
Tate & Lyle delivered a sound set of results underpinned by continuing grwoth from core value added food ingredients. Iain Ferguson CBE

Vision and strategy


To create the world’s leading renewable ingredients business.


To build a stronger value added business on a low-cost commodity base.

Business drivers

We focus on five areas to deliver our strategy.

Operate efficiently and safely

To be the lowest-cost, most efficient producer in all our markets, with safe conditions at our sites for everyone. We continually work to improve our operational efficiency through our expertise in high-volume process management, our focus on technical and manufacturing excellence, and efficiently using services like logistics and utilities.

Serve our customers

To deliver excellent customer service, be the partner of choice in our customers’ innovation processes and help them develop successful consumer products. Our cross-functional teams work with customers to provide consumer and customer insights and to support new product innovation opportunities.

Grow the contribution from value added products

This is a key driver of our strategy. Value added ingredients utilise technology or intellectual property enabling our customers to produce distinctive products and Tate & Lyle to obtain a price premium and/or sustainable higher margins.

Invest in technology and people

To invest in developing innovative solutions that meet our customers’ product challenges, and in developing our people so we have the right skills at all levels to grow our business. We complement our R&D skills through start-up investments and collaborations with the external research community.

Invest in acquisitions and partnerships

To grow our business by acquisition or by forming joint ventures and partnerships. We continually evaluate acquisition opportunities that enable us to enter new markets or add products, technologies and knowledge more efficiently than we could organically. Alliances and joint ventures can also be an efficient way to do this and to lower our cost of investing in new areas and markets.