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Employee health and wellbeing

At Tate & Lyle, we aim to lead the way in employee health. Programmes will differ across the Group according to local needs, but all are based on the principle that the Company has a role to play in helping employees improve their health by providing information, advice and other support on health and wellbeing.

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Tate & Lyle’s nurse-led occupational health programme emphasises education and prevention and has often been referred to as a model for other businesses and public sector organisations in the UK. Key initiatives include educating employees in health and wellbeing, and providing vocational rehabilitation as an alternative to sickness absence certificates, as well as health promotion activities, an occupational health clinic, advice on healthy eating, and counselling services.

We also share elements of our programme with partners. For example, we have helped two community partners with absence management training and advice, and we host regular visits from groups of trainee GPs and doctors from Occupational Health Diploma courses to help their understanding of occupational health in a factory environment. We also offer work experience for trainee occupational health nurses from South Bank and Brunel Universities.

We were proud to receive external recognition of the quality and benefits of our programme, winning Gold in the UK Food and Drink Federation’s Community Partnerships Awards for our Rehabilitation & Absence Management Programme.


Many of our mainland Europe plants offer similar health programmes to the UK. These include: Company-sponsored fitness programmes; health and wellbeing awareness campaigns; healthy menu options in employee restaurants and annual health and fitness check-ups.


Tate & Lyle continues to provide programmes and tools to help employees become better informed consumers of their own healthcare services, as well as encouraging them to adopt healthy lifestyles. Some examples of our programmes include:

  • ‘Blue Points’ system: we offer this web-based system to all employees via our healthcare provider. It provides a platform for employees to initiate and track healthy behaviours. Employees earn points for meeting certain health targets, which can be redeemed online for health-related items such as yoga mats and gym bags.
  • Health risk self-assessment: we encourage employees to complete this online self-assessment, which is then reviewed by medical experts from our healthcare provider. These experts then give feedback and recommendations to employees.
  • Health and fitness: many plants offer exercise facilities or Company-sponsored fitness programmes.
  • Stopping smoking/weight management: employees enrolled in the Blue Cross Blue Shield health plan have access to various programmes either to help stop smoking or to manage their weight.


Our long-term goal continues to be to raise the standards of employee health and wellbeing throughout Tate & Lyle, through sharing best practice and ideas across the Company and with healthcare partners. A particular focus for 2009 will be to make further improvements to our successful UK active back care management programme.

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Employee health and wellbeing