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Sales volumes grew by 6% in the year with a particularly strong performance in the UK where three of the top four grocery retailers reformulated their own-label food and beverage ranges to include SPLENDA Sucralose. Karl Kramer President, Sucralose


Our Sucralose division makes SPLENDA® Sucralose, the no-calorie sweetener. SPLENDA® Sucralose is used to sweeten over 4,000 foods and beverages globally, is used in many leading brands of reduced-calorie products, and also in pharmaceuticals. We are the exclusive supplier of sucralose to McNeil Nutritionals for its SPLENDA® No-Calorie Sweetener tabletop products sold in over 50 countries around the world.

Key performance indicators

Return on net operating assets1  
Target (longer-term) 20%
2009 26%
2008 23%
2007 31%

1 Measured by financial year on continuing operations

Description. This is the division’s profit before interest, tax and exceptional items divided by the average net operating assets. The Group’s initial target is to achieve a return on net operating assets of 15%, with a longer-term target of 20%.

Energy use2  
Target 3.0% reduction
2008 14.9% reduction
2007 6.9% reduction
2006 12.9% reduction

2 Measured by calendar year

Description. Our businesses have a target to reduce energy consumption on a per unit basis by 3% each year. The figures above show the percentage movement in the division’s energy index each year. More details on the Group’s energy use are in the Corporate Social Resposibility section.

Safety index3  
Target zero
2008 zero
2007 0.04
2006 0.13

3 Measured by calendar year

Description. Our safety index compares safety performance across the division and is a weighted average of injuries sustained in the workplace, with more severe incidents having greater impact. The lower the index, the better the performance. More details are in the Corporate Social Responsibility section.

Financial highlights

  Year to 31 March 2009   Year to 31 March 2008
£m Primary Value added Total   Primary Value added Total
Sales 169 169   148 148
Adjusted operating profit 72 72   66 66
Margin 42.6% 42.6%   44.6% 44.6%

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