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Having restructured the division during the year to focus on Single Ingredients and Food Systems, we performed well achieving a 24% increase in adjusted operating profits. Oliver Rigaud President, Food & Industrial Ingredients, Europe

About the business

Our Food & Industrial Ingredients, Europe division has two parts, Single Ingredients and Food Systems, linked by a strong R&D network. Our Single Ingredients business includes the Eaststarch joint venture (five corn plants in Central Europe) which produces sweeteners and starches, and our corn plant in the Netherlands which produces speciality starches. Our Food Systems business makes bespoke stabilising systems.

What we do

Location map for Food & Industrial Ingredients, Europe

Processes and raw materials

Corn (maize) milling Food systems Locust bean gums

Main joint venture

Eaststarch: cereal sweeteners and starches

Key markets

Primary food Primary industrial Value added single ingredients Value added food systems
  • Isoglucose, dextrose
    • Sweeten food and drinks
  • Industrial starch (native, cationic, dextrins)
    • Gives strength and finish to paper
    • Adhesives for packaging
    • Binders for construction materials
  • Speciality sweeteners
    • Sweeten food and drinks
    • Enhance flavour
  • Stabiliser systems
    • Stabilise packaged food
    • Improve mouthfeel and texture
    • Act as a preservative
  • Native food starch
    • Provides texture and mouthfeel
  • Food starch
    • Provides texture and mouthfeel
    • Replaces fat
  • Natural/high value hydrocolloids (locust bean gum, pectin)
    • ‘Label friendly’ products

Combining our expertise

Through our Food Systems businesses, Hahn and Cesalpinia, we are a leading provider of stabiliser systems in Europe, particularly for packaged foods such as mayonnaise, yoghurts and ice cream. In 2008, we restructured these two businesses and our South African business into a single unit to align their activities and share knowledge.

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