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While our food and beverage business has been relatively resilient to the economic downturn,demand for industrial starches and ethanol margins have come under severe pressure. Matt Weneinger President, Food & Industrial Ingredients, Americas

About the business

Our largest division, Food & Industrial Ingredients, Americas represented 57% of our adjusted operating profit this year. From large-scale, efficient plants mainly in the US corn belt, this division produces both primary ingredients and, with our R&D expertise, value added ingredients for the food and beverage, industrial, animal feed and pharmaceutical markets.

What we do

Location map for Food & Industrial Ingredients, Americas

Processes and raw materials

Corn (maize) milling Cereal sweetener, sugar, or molasses fermentation

Main joint ventures

Almex: Cereal sweeteners and starches

DuPont Tate & Lyle
BioProducts: Bio-PDO

Sucromiles: Citric acid and alco-chemicals

Key markets

Primary food Primary industrial Value added food Value added industrial
  • High fructose corn syrup, dextrose, corn syrup
    • Sweeten food and beverages
  • Native industrial starch
    • Gives strength and finish to paper and card
  • Speciality sweeteners
    • Sweetens food and beverages
  • Ethylated and cationic
    • Gives strength and finish to paper and card
  • Native food starch
    • Provides texture and
  • Ethanol
    • Oxygenates motor
      vehicle fuels
  • Value added food starch
    • Provides texture and
    • Health and wellness
  • Bio-PDO
    • Used in applications
      from plastics and textiles
      to de-icing fluid
  • Citric acid
    • Adds acidic or sour
      taste to food

PROMITOR™ Dietary Fibers

Our new range of PROMITOR™ Dietary Fibers, launched in 2008, allows our customers to deliver the goodness of fibre in mainstream food and beverage products without compromising their great taste. Our range currently includes soluble corn fibre and resistant starch.

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